A bikewear brand originating in Florence, designed by Italian designer Ricardo Bernocchi.
Boscomoto is the total import source in Japan.
Currently, Boscomoto owns the trademark right, and it is a brand that is sold worldwide, including in Europe.

● Main users (including people who used it in the past)

  • Hiroshi Aoyama
  • Shinichi Ito
  • Yutian Makoto
  • Shoya Tomizawa
  • Katsuyuki Nakasuga
  • Shinichi Nakatomi
  • Shinya Nakano
  • Takumi Narita
  • Alex Barros
  • Hector Faubel
  • Otto Pi
  • Chris Vermeulen
  • Jordi Tarres
  • Scott Russell
  • Sebastian Porto
  • Troy Bayliss
  • Ricky Carmichael
  • Ruben Xaus
  • Roberto Rolfo
  • Loris Capirossi
  • Kiko Maria
  • Raffaele de Rosa
  • Daniel Falzon


  • In the live-action movie "Akko's Secret", Haruka Ayase, who starred in the movie, wore a set of Berwick suits when she transformed into a motorcycle racer.
  • Daisuke Miyagawa wore a BERIK happi coat at the "Lawn Mower Festival" broadcast on May 15, 2011.
  • Mitsunori Fukuda wore a BERIK racing suit at the 2013 CBR Cup at Tsukuba Circuit.

Safety initiatives

  • The cowhide used in our racing suits, etc. meets the safety standards with the following results.

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