We accept repairs for racing suits, boots, gloves, as well as nylon and casual products. Fray, leather pad, button replacement, fastener replacement, size correction, etc. Please contact us for details.


We recommend cleaning leather products once every few years. Fading can also be restored to its original state by recoloring.Recently, we are also coating, so please use it. Please contact us for details.

Emblem / letter insert

It is possible to put emblems and letters on racing suits. How about adding a unique original element? We also accept order suits. (Reference price beef or kangaroo 300,000 yen) Please contact us for details.

Before use・After use・In storage

Brush it frequently, and wipe it with a damp and tightly squeezed clean towel.
After it dries, apply the leather treatment thinly and evenly.
Depending on the type of treatment, it is often necessary to use it properly depending on the effect, but with the leather treatment (Lanapar) sold by our company, it is not necessary to wipe it off after application, and it is necessary to remove stains, protect and polish. -It is recommended because it has a water-repellent effect and an antifungal effect in one.

Storage location / storage status

We recommend a shade that is not exposed to sunlight as much as possible.
Also, store draped items such as racing suits in a slender state as much as possible.
The traditional way of wearing a racing suit with your legs facing your back and your legs hanging from your shoulders from behind is exactly the opposite of draping. Not recommended for suits.

To use your favorite items for a long time ...

Are you having trouble with how to care for your leather?
At each Bosco Moto store, which has stores in Japan and overseas, mainly in Osaka,
We also carry products to care for your favorite products.
Berwick Allennes Madiff ... Delicate leather products need to be carefully cared for.
On this page, we have posted an easy way to clean it.
The good products we have are not limited to racing suits and boots.
Care products that make them last longer are also made from 100% natural ingredients.
As it is a product with excellent protective luster and water repellent effect,
Please consider it when you purchase a suit or boots.