BOT-1566-BK BLACK BERIK Enduro Boots MX

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It is sold by reservation.
The expected arrival date will be around 2022/4/15.
We will ship as soon as it arrives.

Material: Synthetic leather & TPU protector

BERIK off-road product that is very popular in Europe.
Of course, because the top riders have tried and tested it in practice,
The finish is outstandingly easy to move and handle.


  • 1.68mm suede leather with PU coating
  • Anti-slip sole
  • TPU- (thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic
  • TPU Shinguard
  • Ankle movement control protection
  • Velcro
  • Toe guard
  • Quick lock buckle
  • strap
  • Embossed change guard
  • Inner water register

It can also be replaced with a flat sole for motocross. (VIBRAM parts fee included, left and right \ 22,000-tax included)


BOT-1566-BK BLACK BERIK Enduro Boots MX

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