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Material: Synthetic leather & plastic protector

A trial product that can be said to be the origin of BOSCO MOTO.
Of course, because the top riders have tried and tested it in practice,
The finish is outstandingly easy to move and handle.
Since the developer himself is a trial rider, he is careful about the detailed specifications.
The foot type is also designed for Japanese people, so the instep is relatively high and the shoe width is wide, making it easy for anyone to wear.

* Impressions of riders wearing MX boots.
I wore trial boots for the first time, but it seems to be easier to operate because it is much lighter and softer than MX boots.
In particular, the softness and ease of handling of the sole are the best, and it is easy to bend even when stepping on the step with your toes, and it seems to be good to stick.
The softness of the ankles is as good as road boots, so you can use it without worrying about your riding style.
With such ease of wearing, it seems that even off-road riders can use it for forest road touring etc., I think that it can be easily handled on general roads. ≪Strap kit≫ General-purpose product number: SPA-1221

Trial exclusive sole
Calf suede guard
Each part buckle
Heel protector



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