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【Product Details】
BERiK cowhide leather pants

BELiK leather pants that can be widely used for active riding such as touring and mountain passes.

The knees are made with the same draping as a racing suit, which makes it feel strange when standing, but it is made to fit best when it becomes a riding form.
An adjuster velcro is attached to the waist side so that the waist can be adjusted.

In case of an active ride, it is equipped with protectors on both waist sides and from both knees to the shin, so you can rest assured even if you fall.

A connecting zipper that can be connected to the BELiK / ARLENNESS leather jacket is also attached to the waist so that the skin is not exposed when riding or falling, so if you use it together with the leather jacket, it will be safer.

Shirring on the waist and slit cuts on both knees make it easy to take the riding foam, so you can maintain a stable riding foam with a wide range of motion.

Although it is shown in this photo, the bank sensor is sold separately. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

■ The photo is a sample, so specifications may change. Neoprene, punching, etc.

■ Depending on the lot, even if the upper and lower sizes are the same, there will be a remainder in the last part where the fastener is tightened, but there is no problem in use as with the upper and lower sizes.

Three-dimensional cutting
Waist / knee / shin full protection
Waist shirring
Slit cut above both knees
Jacket connecting fastener
Waist part Velcro fit belt
Calf Kevlar specifications
Front pocket
Bank sensor sold separately

* Depending on the model year and lot, it may not be possible to connect the top and bottom, or there may be a remainder at the end of the fastener. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



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