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【Product Details】
BERIK 2.0 cowhide high grade model racing suit
BERIK cowhide high-grade model racing suit using cowhide.
Since it is an MFJ official model, it can also be used for races.
Shirring is attached to the shoulder blades and hips respectively.
In addition, shirring is also attached on both knees, making it easier to maintain the riding form.
The protectors are CE protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees, and thick pads on the sides of the waist.
We are particular about comfort, and each wrist and ankle has a soft jersey material.
The burden on the skin is also reduced.
Punching is applied from the chest to the center of the abdomen and the thighs, ensuring breathability.

This suit has our designated spinal protector attached to the inside
Comes with a velcro. (Sold separately: Part number P-184-BK)
To install it, remove the mesh liner inside the suit, open the zipper inside, and
It can be attached to the magic tape on the neck piece (back side).
If a product accident occurs when installing the spinal cord protector,
We cannot guarantee the product, so please be careful when using it.

* This product has a bank sensor sold separately.
Please purchase from here separately.
* The logo printed on the neoprene cuff is difficult to fix due to the nature of the material.
Please understand beforehand that the print will come off with use.
* The image is a sample, so the design and specifications may change. Thank you for your understanding.

CE protectors (shoulders, elbows, knees, hips)
TPU slider (shoulder)
Coccyx pad
With velcro for wearing spinal cord protector (compatible with P-184-BK)
MFJ official model



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