P-227350-BK / P-227351-BK BERIK Elbow / Knee Protector MX

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Reinforced plastic
【Product Details】
Elbow / knee protector (elbow / knee protector)
It is a hard protector equipped with a reinforced plastic protector on the surface and designed to exert against impact.
It is mainly designed for driving on forest roads and closed courses.
There is a urethane pad on the back.
The plastic joint is movable so that it follows the twist of the body to some extent in the riding position.
Reduces impact when hitting the elbow / knee due to a fall or the like.
Reinforced plastic
Urethane pad
Double adjustable belt
Elbow protector left and right
Knee protector left and right
[Size guide]
F elbow
Length 180 x Width 165 x Thickness 15 (mm)

F knee
Length 370 x Width 200 x Thickness 18 (mm)

* We measure the longest part or the thick part of each size.


P-227350-BK / P-227351-BK BERIK Elbow / Knee Protector MX

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