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Reinforced plastic
【Product Details】
Chest protector (chest protector)
It is a hard protector equipped with a reinforced plastic protector on the surface and designed to exert against stronger impact. It is mainly designed for high-speed driving such as circuit driving.
There is a urethane pad on the back.
In addition, the central part of the entire surface is punched to ensure breathability.
Reduces the impact when hitting the chest due to a fall or the like.

* There is a hook for fixing

[When using with a racing suit]
Just insert it into the chest and fix it.
If the protector shifts in this state, the suit size may be too large.
[When using with a jacket ① or ②]
Thread the back protector string through the holes in the four corners
Also used as a front and rear protector that can be worn from above

・ We do not return or exchange anything after opening (including unused).
-Since it is a safety standard product, it cannot be repaired if it is damaged.
Shock absorption reinforced plastic
Urethane pad
Punch hole
CE standard
[Size guide]
Length 310 x Width 340 x Thickness 20 (mm)
* We measure the longest part or the thick part of each size.



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