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Reinforced plastic

【Product Details】
BERiK back protector (spine protector) hard type
Equipped with a reinforced plastic protector on the surface, made to exert against stronger impact
It is a hard protector. It is mainly designed for high-speed driving such as circuit driving.
Since the back side has a urethane pad, the protector will not hit your back when you wear it.

It has a structure that makes it easy to take a forward leaning posture such as straight.
Do not impair shock absorption when the high side falls
It is a protector designed with more emphasis on safety in the event of a fall.

Waist fixing belt

* The back protector is for protecting the back (spinal cord).
The back protector may come up when you wear your upper body
Please wear it by inserting it deeply while wearing only the lower body of the suit.
・ We do not accept returns or exchanges after opening (including unused).
-Since it is a safety standard product, it cannot be repaired if it is damaged.

Reinforced plastic
Urethane pad
Adjustable belt
CE standard

[Protection size guide]
Length / width / thickness
580/270/30 (mm)
* We measure the longest part or the thick part of each size.



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