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A 2-piece type inner suit that is easy to wear.
By using a highly elastic sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material for the whole body, it is more comfortable to wear.
The newly developed "QUICK-DRY" is used as the main material. It is a material that has better sweat absorption and quick-drying properties than conventional inner suits and has good elasticity, so it is comfortable to wear and fits snugly to the body, so it goes well with the liner (lining) of racing suits. It's even easier to wear.

The bottom has a non-slip rubber on the inside of the waist to prevent it from slipping down.

It is not exclusively for 2-piece suits, but of course 1-piece suits can also be used, and it can also be used as an underwear for nylon wear and normal wear, so it is recommended because it can be used for various purposes.
It is also antibacterial processed, so it does not smell easily even after long-term use and is clean.

From the impression that I actually wore it, I got the impression that it fits my body better than the previous innerwear, yet I don't feel it is hard and painful because it uses a soft and highly elastic fabric.
It feels good on the skin and fits well, so you can easily put it on and take it off when you put on a suit. It dries quickly, so even if you wash and dry it, it dries quickly.

Newly developed material "QUICK-DRY"
Fastenerless specifications
Waist non-slip rubber
Three-dimensional cutting pattern for each part

Material: Antibacterial polyester & spandex

** Size guide **
height, weight
S = ~ 165 / ~ 60
M = 163-170 / 60-65
L = 168 ~ 175/65 ~ 75
XL = 173-180 / 75-85
XXL = 180 ~ 185/85 ~

The size display is just a guide.
It may differ slightly depending on your body shape.
Please note that there is.



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